We believe every home should have access to the benefits of Solar. These days, it’s not a question of selling your extra Kilowatts your system has produced to the grid to make a profit or to make money back on your hugely expensive investment. For most Australians its about combating our ever-increasing energy costs. Moving away from a world heavily reliable on fossil fuels.

When the Solar Industry was really in its infancy it was a daunting place to be. For a lot of Australians trying to save a few dollars, that was out of reach. With constant, ever evolving technology and better understanding of the products, we have now a package we can to deliver to all Australians.


Green Wave Solar and all of its installers are members of the Clean Energy Council Australia. This governing body was created to regulate and guide the industry forward. This regulation ensures only the best will install your system. It’s a governing body that ensures a tough set of standards that sees only the most competent and trustworthy of operators will survive.

Residential solar should be available to all Australians. At a reasonable, affordable price. Installed with minimal fuss and your investment remain reliable for the foreseeable future.