We don’t want to offer entry price points or small-scale operations to suit the individual. We want to off the same product across the board to deliver the best possible outcome. Reduced energy Bills.

3 kw systems are of no benefit. They’re slightly smaller and less time consuming in terms of install and yet significantly smaller in terms of production. You’ve made the choice to go solar. Take it to the level that sees you benefit the most from. Don’t be fooled into sales pitches that offer entry point solar. Its here and its available to everyone for a reasonable price. As Solar energy providers and installers we don’t need to be greedy. Our intentions should be service and sustainability.

its about doing your research

As you would expect, cheper panels are prone to problems and aesthetically pleasing, slimline higher wattage panels are more expensive. Generally, if you stick to Tier one, Euorpean engineered panels you will be rewarded with a decent package. We chose to use only the best panels with the longest warranty’s, a product whose quality and after sales service and warranty is proven.

Fronius and SMA are leading the way with inverter technology. With fantastic Australian based after care. They are hassle free, rarely go into fault and when they do, they have an online technical support center based in Melbourne and Sydney who can advise us online about the fault your inverter records and alerts them via email log. Allowing us to move quickly and efficiently to ensure you are not without solar energy for longer than needs be, should a fault occur.

The system you chose needs to be one that works without question. It also must have an after-care service system to match.

Our aim is to substantially reduce your bills, to ‘‘future proof” you with a battery ready grid connected system.

Now The possibility of eliminating your energy bills is real.


There are plenty of options out there. Cheaper options and many different possibilities. Cheap panels, expensive Inverters etc a multitude of combinations. It doesn’t need to be that way. The rebates are there in place to ensure that the product delivered to the client with no budget restraints is matched equally for the person who is governed by cost restraints of a modern world.

The aim is the same. Save money. Reduce my bills. To achieve it ethically and with a clear conscious knowing you’re contributing to a greener planet is your bonus


Its not just about installing a system and making it work. You need to nurture it and use it efficiently to realise its true potential. That’s not to say we live in the dark or without the air-conditioning on, we just live aware of our consumption and usage with a little more detail than before.

Further energy savings are easily reached via smart programming or timers, taking electrical items off standby or using all electrical products while you are producing electricity during the day and limiting night-time usage. Operational changes are needed to fully reap the benefit of your Solar installation.